Professional Services

Accelerate your product roadmap
and (crypto) technology infrastructure.

FinTech Trading Consulting

Our crypto market consultants have developed industry leading crypto market trading systems, with specific areas of expertise including:

  • High-frequency trading systems
  • Mass data aggregation
  • Algorithmic backtesting
  • Financial data pipelining
  • Data mining & analysis
  • Performance modeling
  • Rapid order computation
  • Robust trade execution
  • Smart contract authoring and review
  • API / Web-socket / FIX interfacing

Full Stack Software Development

Our full stack software development consultants offer deep industry experience to accelerate your development roadmap. Our diverse skill set applies to a wide range of technical solutions:

  • Micro-service design & architecture
  • Performance, scalability & load balancing
  • Redundancy & reliability
  • Security & compliance
  • Data warehousing, management & analysis
  • Full stack development - Python, NodeJS, C++, Go, Django, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker, React, D3js, R, Kubernetes, Rancher, PHP, Ruby, HTML 5, CSS

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